Be You & Flourish (Group Course)

12 weeks of 1.5 hour classes + six 1-hour private coaching sessions. Small groups of 3 to 7 women. Understand how the human heart and mind interact, learning tools along the way that allow you to build gratitude and satisfaction for your past, hope for your future and live in the NOW.  Craft a vision for your future and articulate with authenticity and joy. Embrace and engage with your authentic self.
- First Fall Session starts the Wednesday, September 16 - Ends December 9, 2020.
- Second Fall Session starts the Sunday, October 4th and ends Sunday, December 20.
- Third Fall Session -- get at least three friends together and commit to a date and time that works for all of us and I'll do a custom group (not available on Friday or Saturdays).

Be You & Flourish!


Own your story. 
Choose the way you breathe, choose the way you think, choose the way you act.
Create your vision. Make an impact. 
Change the world. 
Be You and Flourish. 

What is Flourishing?

Satisfaction with and gratitude for your past.
Practice compassion for your inner child. 
Freedom to be in the NOW. Trusting the process.
Cultivate your inner mentor. Have faith in your discomfort. 
Move from day-dreams to action. Goal setting to goal-meeting.
Hope is becomes your vision for the future and the ability to articulate your plan to get there. The present becomes your container for living in FREEDOM.

The Details

Session 1 Start Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at 2 PM UTC  (10 AM EST, 3 PM CET, 5 PM EAT).

We will meet at the same time each Wednesday from September 16 through December 9. We will skip Wednesday, November 25th.

Session 2 Start Date: Sunday, October 4, 2020 at 2 PM UTC  (10 AM EST, 3 PM CET, 5 PM EAT).

We will meet at the same time each Sunday from October 4 through December 20. We will not skip any Sundays. 

Individual coaching sessions may be booked at your convenience every two weeks. 

Each class will have a short reading or video, something to create (stretch your comfort zone), something to practice, and something to share. 

Concepts & Experiences:

  • Flourishing (grit, gratitude, goals and more)
  • Defining our Worldview (impact, connection, life)
  • Job Crafting (values, strengths, interests, tasks, experiences, goals)
  • Positive Neuroscience tools
  • Visualization
  • Leveraging Mindfulness, Meditation, Mindset +
  • Saying "Yes" to you and saying "No" to overwhelm, overcommitting, and a life defined by hustle and struggle.

All participants will be female. The group will consist of a minimum of 3* participants and maximum of 7 plus the facilitator (me)!
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What is the Program?

This course is designed based on my previous coaching program Make Your Mark first launched in 2018 and additional knowledge and practices that I've gained through my studies and work in Applied Positive Psychology and Life Coaching. While the content is solid and tested, this is the first time delivering this as a group course. 

This is an opportunity for real humans (you!) to use and benefit from this coaching product in a group environment, with the goal of uncovering any new ideas, or challenges related to your career! It's like building a hive! 

The delivery is self-made, no fancy gizmos or gadgets. 
  • For some of our sessions will use a new program called HelloTime which is similar to Zoom, but I hope BETTER for this shared experience. We will also use Zoom. 
  • We will use Google Drive to share documents. 
  • We will use Podia (this site) for homework and weekly lesson outlines. 
  • We will use Whatsapp for daily/weekly check-ins/accountability. 
  • We will use Acuity for private scheduling of coaching sessions. 
Find out about my Private Be You & Flourish Program

Massage for the Mind and the Soul

As a certified coach, I practice the science and the art of life coaching. 

As an applied positive psychology practitioner, I've got a tool-box filled with evidence-based mindset tips and exercises.

As a career coach, I honor the need for you to have an authentic narrative, grounding a job search, pivot, or career re-entry in values, strengths, and stretch goals.

I adhere to ICF Ethics - creating a non-judgmental and safe space for you to explore, and spread your wings.

Your Coach Alison

I've always been different. When I was four years old, my school's head-teacher shared with my mom that I asked rather large questions and had a voracious curiosity for someone my age. Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I still collect knowledge and ask deep questions. 

Unfortunately for about two-decades (~age 13 to 33), I failed to leverage my curiosity to make the kind of impact that inspired me. Instead, I packed my big ideas into a little box, somewhere at the bottom of my soul, and tried my best to conform. It didn't work. I became small and dark and angry. 

At age 33, inn 2010, I hit bottom. It was at this point I decided to be the President of my life. I've spent the last decade unpacking my little box, living out my values, celebrating my strengths, and learning to lead myself with compassion and love. 

My coaching work started as a ghostwriting journey, consulting and helping others to tell their stories with confidence. This work naturally led to Career & Life Coaching. Today I feel more like a Queen bee than a President; and, my passion is guiding other aspiring queen bees to build their own honeycombs.  

Join me on this journey as we craft new additions and layers, serving up the sweet nectar of life, work, and purpose. 

Be the Queen of your own Destiny.