Be You & Flourish (private program) by Alison Rakotonirina

Be You & Flourish (private program)

This package is best completed in 3 to 5 months balanced by a minimum of 5 to 7 days between sessions. Please be prepared to have weekly or bi-weekly calls, ideally in the morning or early afternoon.
Think of this as going slowly, so that you can then go fast. 

25% of this purchase supports my community and sustainable development work in Madagascar. 

What is Be You & Flourish?

I crafted Be You and Flourish to support YOU -- the smart, high achieving women of the world -- to live life on your terms. This coaching package is purposeful. I created it to guide you to (re)discover your values, building your confidence and (re)defining your strengths, so that you can celebrate and buildout your interests, career needs, life goals, and more. 

You can do therapy for years asking "why" but never move forward. You can read book after book, but still be stuck in an unproductive belief system. Coaching provides you the accountability, the confidence, the reflection, the structure and the feedback to achieve your goals with more ease and speed. 

As your coach, I hold the space for women like you learn to trust your own insight, intelligence and intuition, building confidence so that you can make the choices that will allow you to create a powerful (new) career path. I don't believe in merely breaking the glass ceiling, but instead supporting each individual woman in crafting a career, a journey, a life path that best meets her unique needs and vision.

How does the Be You & Flourish program differ from my smaller Life Crafting Package of Six Sessions? This program is not only about coaching. It is also about learning. We will delve into positive neuroscience, how the brain and the body work together. Twelve of our sessions will include both teaching and learning, as well as, opportunities for discussion and reflection. The six Life Coaching sessions will be pure coaching -- the only lessons learned in these will be what you uncover about yourself. 

With your newfound clarity and confidence in your path, we will work to set specific goals, creating the structure, and the pivot points that allow you to map your career and define your personal vision for success. What you choose to do is up to you, but I will create a safe space for you to think and play BIG. This program is for you if you want to FINALLY make an impact in this world that goes above and beyond being a good employee and a good person (mom, wife, friend, partner, etcetera). The point of this program is to give you the tools to flourish. 

  • We start with a one-hour planning session to customize your program and to create our coaching agreement.
  • The package then includes twelve weekly 1-hour conversations - plus coaching life coaching sessions for you to delve in and work on an issue, idea or block raised by the class (we can vary this schedule a bit to meet your calendar).
  • For the twelve weeks/sessions we will meet for 1.5 hours.
  • For the six Life Coaching sessions we will meet for 60-minutes per session.
  • Optional: If you would like we can use two of the Life Coaching Sessions to review/rewrite your resume and LinkedIn, or a bio for your website, as part of this work (no extra fee). 
  • As part of our work, we may touch on topics that we identify, such as goal setting, networking, or starting your own business.

What will we DO in 90-minutes per week?

- By conversation or lesson my intention is to share with you a specific lesson + tool that will allow you to learn about an aspect of applied positive psychology (human flourishing) and use that knowledge to explore a career or life coaching exercise. I've chosen a selection of "lessons" or tools that build upon one another supporting you to build out grit, resilience, mindset and learning to trust yourself. 
- The first part of the session will result in a learning, an ah-ha or question. 
- I will then coach you the through the exploration of a thought or idea launched by the session or that you prepared ahead of time. 
- This second part of the session could be called "laser-focused" coaching and the goal is for me to listen deeply to help you create, explore, overcome or resolve a gap. 

What will be different after we work together?

  • As part of our work-together I will ask you to create a journal to track our weekly exercises and progress. This journal will become a manual for living and place to go back to affirm your forward progress.
  • You will be confident in your strengths and what you bring to the table -- you will be able to speak up and ask for what you need or describe what you do with confidence and joy. 
  • You will have identified the direction you wish to take your career over the next 10 to 20 years and started to implement your next steps, be it a pivot, refining your current role or starting a business.
  • You will feel connected to your community and understand how to continue to build out your inner circle, your outer circle and your more comprehensive network. 
  • You will be comfortable speaking with and leveraging your authentic voice. 
  • You will have created your own recipe for FLOURISHING.

You will understand the transferable nature of your experiences and strengths. You will find joy in talking about what you do and express hope for your future.

You will feel comfortable in the alignment of your professional life with your personal life and be confident that you can meet your holistic needs for income, work and a connection to
your purpose.

How will we work together?
  • I leverage a Push/Pull coaching style. 
  • The Push is when I share evidenced based research or career guidance, and support you in to leverage tools such as the StrengthsFinder or a Wheel of Life. 
  • The Pull is your chance to shine and define: here I create a container for you to set your course, uncover limiting beliefs and bloom.  
  • You can trust me to provide candid feedback grounded in empathy and curiosity. 
  • Optional: we will leverage career development tools, such as constructing a professional narrative, resume, LinkedIn, networking strategy), and the structure of your job search.  

Curious to try my coaching style and or experience Life Coaching first? Book a single Life Coaching Session. If you book the program, the cost of the session ($160) will be applied towards your total program fee. 
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Before working with Alison, I was hesitant that I wouldn’t be able to pull together my experience into a concise, understandable format for my resume and m pitch about myself. My job prospects before we worked together were all over the map! After working together, I felt great about my job prospects, and I received a job offer! It feels great to be working full time after not being in the workforce for so long[...] I feel like I’m better prepared to keep looking for my dream job or advance. I have recommended you to two friends because I enjoyed working with you and you have a great working knowledge of a lot of industries.
Karen in Colorado
In my continued work with Alison she continues to amaze and surprise me with her keen listening and deep questions. She’s asked me the questions I needed to hear, so that I could hear my own answers to my BIG questions. It is so nourishing to hear our own voice in those answers.
Suzanne in Utah
It was a pleasure working with Alison. Starting with the StrengthsFinder test really helped put things into perspective for me, and she did a great job incorporating my five greatest strengths in our discussions. With each session I was able to articulate and clarify my ideal career, which is to be an Academic coach, and working with Alison helped me to see how I could work toward that career now. She helped me break things down into manageable steps, and she encouraged me to hold on to my dream. With the tools and insights I gained from working with Alison, I am in the process of building a meaningful and fulfilling coaching practice. If you want to create a satisfying and fulfilling career, I highly recommend working with Alison.
L'Shawn in Japan

Be You & Flourish Together

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