A Pocketful of Clarity and Direction by Alison Rakotonirina

A Pocketful of Clarity and Direction

Get a little clarity and a better understanding of what coaching can do for you with this intro package. Sign-up at anytime to move from commitment to action. This package is ideal for anyone looking to job craft or seeking to find a little (or a lot) of direction in her life, to reconnect to her values or simply start to unlock what's keeping you stuck or awake at night. 

Interview with Alison

Your Intro to Coaching

Coaching is a powerful process that can support you in making small or big changes. I like to call coaching massage for the mind and soul. It's a different kind of self-care to look within and figure-out what makes you tick.

Private Coaching: Each session is 30-minute long, grounded in 5 different coaching exercises.

Where will we meet? Online! You will need a stable internet connection to access Zoom.

Activities: Strengths finding, values alignment, reframing & mindset, visualization and an intro to "pure" or Life Coaching. Each of the six sessions will last 30-minutes.

Session 0: Coaching Agreement/What is Coaching?/What are you hoping to gain clarity on - Work? Life? Purpose?
Session 1: Wheel of Life - Assess what is working well in your life and what you might like to change.
Session 2: Strengths & Values -An intro to leveraging these to find confidence & clarity.
Session 3: Flip-it is a coaching exercise in which we uncover, explore, and flip a belief or solve a problem.
Session 4: Visualization is an evidenced based tool to change or build something in your life. You can choose a topic or let me guide you.
Session 5: Lightning Life Coaching Session

What else? There are two external surveys that I will ask you to take as part of our work. One will cost approximately $20 USD the other is free. 

Why me? As a coach, I've got first hand experience with this journey, from quitting my dream job, to moving overseas, to building my own career (remotely and across three continents), I understand the hurdles, fears and frustrations, but also the DEEP joy in finding one's clarity.

Leveraging my own experience and insights, in combination with my training in applied positive psychology and life coaching, my work empowers my clients to make big changes and take their own leaps of faith.

Outcomes: career or life clarity, understanding where you want to put your focus, de-mystifying coaching, and more.

Not sure if this is for you? They say that by the third session of any blended or career coaching session, we start to enter into the realm of life coaching. While structured, each session is customizable to you. Every individual is different. There is nothing wrong with you, so don't let your fears hold you back.

You've got nothing to lose, and a lot to gain! Try it, it will be fun and insightful.

What next? 
I'd love to work with you moving forward. Evidence shows that coaching transformation is most impactful with a 3 to 6 month commitment. If you've identified what you'd like to focus on or uncovered something that's holding you back, I encourage you to move from commitment to action and join me for a longer engagement. That said, this package is stand-alone there is no obligation to continue after our final session. I am also connected to a large network of effective coaches, it's always possible that we may decide I am not the best coach for you, if that is that case, I will be happy to refer to you to another coach or coaches.