LinkedIn Made Easy Workbook by Alison Rakotonirina

LinkedIn Made Easy Workbook

Updating your LinkedIn profile is crucial in our current economy. Download my workbook and update your profile today!

Profit from the purchase of this notebook goes to support career and workforce development in Madagascar.

LinkedIn Made Easy

Learn how to write a LinkedIn profile from an experienced career coach and resume writer. I've been on LinkedIn since 2005 and specialize in helping individuals to tell compelling career stories. Updated in July 2020!

How To Use the Workbook

How to use this Workbook:

  • This workbook is an editable PDF divided into 7 sections.
  • To work directly in the PDF be sure to download to your desktop so that you can save content. If you open in your browser you will not be able to save your work! 
  • My suggestion is to spend 30-minutes to an hour reviewing the entire workbook and then scheduling the work into your calendar in the coming week.
  • Expect to spend at least 30-minutes to 60-minutes on most sections. 
  • Section 4 will take 90-minutes or more to complete. 
  • Your goal is not to create a PERFECT profile, but an authentic profile. If you aim for perfection, you’ll get stuck.
  • This workbook is tried and tested by hundreds of users since 2018! This is the 4th version updated in July 2020!


I'm working through the LinkedIn Pack and it's SO helpful! 🤗 If you haven't done it yet, you definitely should! 
Allison W.
I've really been enjoying the workbook, doing a section a week over zoom with friend! Every Saturday evening, we meet up and work on it! So thank you again for this wonderful course. I have to wear many different hats, which gives my LinkedIn and personal brand a lack of focus. Thanks to your course I think I found a way to harmonize everything!
DNG Member
Loved the workbook! Can't wait to improve my linkedin page!