Reboot Your Resume/CV + LinkedIn by Alison Rakotonirina

Reboot Your Resume/CV + LinkedIn

25% or $150 of this purchase will go towards my community and sustainable development work in Madagascar. 

Who is this for?

Tell me, does your resume tell your story? Or does it read like a robotic job description? Does your CV paint a picture of your unique value, or is it filled with soulless metrics?

My clients hire me to help them create human-voiced resumes that highlight your accomplishments and your worth, effectively distinguishing you from the competition.

Are you feeling Curious? Go ahead and purchase your Reboot -- everything you need is inside.

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I just opened my resume again. Reading how you worked my words at the top of my resume made me cry.  It's so ME and it made me feel so proud of myself.  Thank you.  You are truly gifted!
Nicole, Pivot + Return to Work
I received three offers and accepted the nursing informatics position while successfully negotiating my salary. I wouldn't have gotten this far without the stellar work on my CV and all the preparation work you had me do from reviewing old jobs and the worksheets and such. Thank you!
Jacob, Clinical Nurse Informaticist
Alison has been a light in the job-seeking darkness for me. Not only did she make me look like the rockstar I am with my resume and LinkedIn strategy, her goal-setting session afterward has been pivotal in helping this Questioner decide and take action. I've been extremely discouraged and feeling rather directionless and she has helped me recognize how my specific experiences and skill set are applicable to the direction I want to go in.  I HIGHLY recommend working with Alison. She's amazing. 
Barbara, Sales & UX
Before working with Alison, sending my resume to any one job took hours to tailor and re-organize and communicating my story in an initial phone screen was a hit or miss -- so I limited the opportunities I would reach out about and was in a big rut. Immediately when we worked together on my resume, she was able to understand who I was, my strengths and aspirations and very quickly created a resume that read in my voice.

I continued to hire her as a coach as I applied to a job that I did not even admit was my dream job because I felt it was out of reach. She knocked that thought down right away, set me up for success with the necessary confidence and supported me every step of the way as I quickly went through multiple rounds of interviews and ended up landing the job.

Work with Alison! She has great intuition, emotional intelligence and knowledge of many industries, which not only helps her to help you highlight your soft skills but she also masterfully advises and proofreads communication among all parties throughout the job application and interview process. 
Tara, Public Relations Manager