LinkedIn (or Resume) Strategy - Live Via Zoom by Alison Rakotonirina

LinkedIn (or Resume) Strategy - Live Via Zoom

Reviews are done over Zoom video. Upon purchase you will find link to schedule your 50-Minute appointment and supporting documents. You may request that I review your LinkedIn profile, your resume or both. We can discuss strategy, goals and work on language.

Why a live Audit?

Not sure which advice to listen to when it comes to writing your professional narrative? Uncertain where to start with your updates? Got a full-time gig and a side gig? Or maybe you want to find remote work or re-enter the workforce? Are you a writer, and yet uncomfortable talking about yourself? You are not alone, and this is why I offer this strategy session! 

Stop wondering and take action today with professional and actionable feedback on your LinkedIn profile (or resume) to help you stand out, build a more persuasive professional narrative, and score that next interview. 

To schedule your live review, please purchase the product and follow the scheduling link. 

You will need to answer a few questions before the call.


If you want to improve their Linkedin game. Alison's coaching gave me a major boost in my writing career. Our session together was one of the best investments I've made.
Before working with Alison, I had only ever really seen LinkedIn as a sort of online CV platform. Then I left corporate after many years to pursue my career as a consultant and freelancer, and I was suddenly overwhelmed with all the networking and online connecting I had to do.
Alison provided me with a clear plan for leveraging LinkedIn, and gave me an easy-to-action report of my profile. The content she had created was spot on, and she made it really easy for me to implement changes without feeling overwhelmed.
In addition, my coaching call with her was very valuable. It made me question my beliefs regarding work, and she raised my awareness as to the the value of my work. Like many women, I had been underestimating myself, and she gave me the courage and conviction to adjust my pricing and clientele.
Alison has been a light in the job-seeking darkness for me. Not only did she make me look like the rockstar I am with my resume and LinkedIn strategy, her goal-setting session afterward has been pivotal in helping this Questioner decide and take action.