SoMo Leadership Coaching by Alison Rakotonirina

SoMo Leadership Coaching

Signup for six one-hour coaching sessions plus a 20 to 30 minute planning session. 

Why SoMo Leadership Coaching

SOcial - eMOtional Leadership is the leadership style for #thefutureof work by actively putting #peoplefirst. People are any business’s greatest asset. SoMo Leadership is a conscious effort to mentor, teach and coach one’s employees or team, while also continuing to learn and explore ourselves.

SoMo leadership recognizes that you can increase the capacity of your human capital, by leveraging your personal social capital as an individual and that of your team members.

As your coach, the foundation of my support to you as a client is to help you build self-awareness, clarity, and confidence. In our work, we will likely address values, strengths, interests, as well as your needs. We may use goals setting and visualization, bring it all together to create a compelling professional (or life) story and vision that guides you to build out your inner badass or leadership style.

What's included?

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How You BE (Natural Talents)
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